Keep an Eye On Your Property at All Times

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Criminals aren't always deterred by locked doors or loud alarms, but they may think twice if they see a video surveillance system on the premises that can identify them. Comprehensive security systems are crucial when it comes to protecting your property. Access Granted, LLC installs 1080p IP camera systems for residential and commercial clients in Blanchard and Goldsby, OK.

Our IP camera and NVF system can be installed anywhere and is accessible by smartphone. Keeping your assets safe has never been easier. Call 405-410-3928 now to discuss your plans with a security expert.

Why install a video surveillance system at your business?

You already have deadbolts, extra locks and a blaring alarm system-why take the extra step of installing a video surveillance system at your Blanchard and Goldsby, OK property? Here are five convincing reasons:

  • You'll keep an eye on your property 24/7
  • You'll deter potential theft by criminals who see the camera
  • You'll improve employee and customer safety
  • You'll possess digital storage and evidence if a crime occurs
  • You'll save money by not replacing inventory or repairing damages

As an added bonus, workplace productivity often increases when employees know their boss is paying attention. The benefits of surveillance systems can't be understated. Save money and prevent worry with the help of our quality cameras.